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Why Vector Cuatro?

  • We are one of the world’s leading advisors in renewable energy, one of the most reputated in the world.
  • We have four business lines: asset management, technical services, transaction services and legal services.
  • We have global presence, with 10 offices all over the world, and more than 100 employees, with roughly 50% technical profiles and 50% financial profiles.
  • We have capabilities in renewables, especially in PV Solar and Wind Power.
  • We are independent; we do not compete with our clients. We are a service provider and have a strong client-oriented mentality and an attitude focused on excellence and good service.
  • We have accumulated a combined track-record in excess of 22 GW and over 1.5 GW under management in Asia, Europe and America composed by more than 150 different plants.
  • Our company has a deep expertise and multidisciplinary skills; our departments cover technical, tax, reporting, financial, legal, insurance and administrative areas.


Javier Asension8 About us

Javier Asensio

Head of Business Unit (CEO)

Miguel Perez cua About us

Miguel Pérez

Head of Asset Management

Simone manetti About us

Simone Manetti


Hugo Alvarez About us

Hugo Álvarez

Head of Engineering

beatriz llorente About us

Beatriz Llorente

Head of Transaction Services

Rafa Echegoyen About us

Rafael Echegoyen

Head of Legal Services

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