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Vector Cuatro entered the Americas’ renewable energy markets first in 2011 as Technical Advisor for solar PV plants in the US and several countries in Latin America.

Given the strong growth of renewables in those markets in the following years, the Firm finally opened in 2013 its office in Mexico as a regional hub from which it manages all its operations in the continent, always supported by the Madrid headquarters

The range of services has been adapted to the great variety of clients which comprise investment funds, financial institutions, international sponsors and developers, amongst others. So far Vector Cuatro has carried out several projects in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, Chile, El Salvador and Panama.

During 2015, as part of its international expansion, Vector Cuatro has focused on several countries in Latin America acting as Technical Advisor for some of the most renowned financial institutions in Latin America, thus positioning itself as a key reference in this market.

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