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Vector Cuatro, founded in 2007 in Madrid, started its business activity by managing investments for clients in Spain, providing those advisory services in the long run to domestic and international investors on a global level. Henceforth, the Firm continuously amplified it service range, integrating in 2011 Langley Rinnovabili what constituted the beginning of its technical services and consolidated the company’s further national and international growth.

In subsequent years and taking advantage of the new business opportunities in other countries, the Firm opened its offices in Milan, Turin, France and Bulgaria.

Since September 2014, Vector Cuatro is part of the Falck Renewables Group (FKR.MI), a leading player in the European renewable energy industry and listed at the Milan Stock Exchange. Falck Renewables owns an asset portfolio of approximately 762 MW.

In 2015, with the aim of providing an improved service to projects in the UK as well as continuing to strengthen its international presence, Vector Cuatro opened a new office in London. So far the Company has participated in the development, construction and commissioning of more than 30 projects in the British market, totalling 524 MW.

At present, Vector Cuatro has gained asset management experience in more than 4,000 MW throughout Europe and has been involved in engineering projects totalling 1,682 MW. The Firm is present in Spain, Portugal, France,  the UK, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

In Europe and Africa,Vector Cuatro has a partnership with:

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Europe and Africa
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