Our Future Is Brighter Than Ever

Por June Liu 20 June 2018 0

Last week, a group of 10-year-old kids came to Vector Cuatro, seeking enlightement and inspiration for their final project  of renewable energy for school. It was a very fun and illuminating session, where several members of Vector Cuatro Spain explained the basics of Renewable Energy to 4 children from an international primary school in Spain.

In this VC Kids Talk, They learnt how a PV plant works, what thermographic camaras are used for, and they also built a handmade anemometer with recycled materials by themselves. At the end of the journey with Vector Cuatro Spain, all the employees introduced the company and explained the main functions of each department.

Captura 1 Our Future Is Brighter Than Ever

On June 18, our four Vector Cuatro kids presented their final project of renewable energy, demonstrating great talent and determination for building up an eco-friendly society.

Captura1 Our Future Is Brighter Than Ever

foto lados Our Future Is Brighter Than EverChildren are the world´s most valuable resource and the best hope for the future. Nothing could be more delighful than seeing the light in their eyes when explained what we can do to keep the earth energetic. We hope in the future we can organize more similar activities so we can spread out the great energy we have in Vector Cuatro!


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