Vector Cuatro, technical advisor in acquisition of Gestamp Solar by KKR

Por Leticia Fontan 1 October 2015 0

Vector Cuatro has participated as Technical Advisor in the acquisition of 80% of Gestamp Solar by KKR, and thus consolidates its leading position in advisory, engineering and asset management of renewable energy projects.  

During the acquisition process, Vector Cuatro participated actively providing KKR with support in the analysis of the deal as technical advisor, providing due diligence services on both operational and under development projects. The Gestamp Solar portfolio is made up of 2.5 GW and includes around 90 different projects located in 10 countries.

On July 21, KKR, a leading global investor, announced the acquisition of 80% of the company. Vector Cuatro was selected as Technical Advisor in such deal thanks to its experience with companies, its global presence and the technical capabilities of its team. The services were provided jointly and in a coordinated way by Vector Cuatro’s offices in Madrid, Milan, Lyon, London, Tokyo and Mexico DF.

With such new services, Vector Cuatro reaches a track record of more than 15 GW in technical services in over 20 countries, besides its current portfolio of 950 MW of solar PV assets under management. To date, the company has been involved in more than 550 projects from its creation almost a decade ago, which has allowed Vector Cuatro to position itself as one of the most relevant companies in the renewable energy industry worldwide.

Vector Cuatro, technical advisor in acquisition of Gestamp Solar by KKR
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